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Document Scanning and Electronic Archiving

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Document Scanning and Electronic Archiving

We provide scanning and electronic archiving services for small and medium sized enterprises and for large companies, as well!

Our standard work procedure includes the following steps:

  • Daily, weekly or monthly reception of documents, in order to have them processed, based on a delivery-receipt protocol.
  • Pre-scanning operations, which include taking out forms from boxes, folders, files, file-holders and removing staples, paper clips, post-it, etc.
  • Batching documents for electronic processing – by batch we mean the total amount of documents that are electronically converted at a given time.
  • Batch-based scanning, by using professional hardware and software.
  • Automatic indexing of documents according to specifications and obtaining images (TIFF, PDF, JPEG, etc.), Black & White, Grayscale or Color at minimum 200 dpi resolution.
  • Capturing data using OMR, OCR, ICR, IWR and IDR technologies.
  • Post-indexing validation and verification of the documents, to establish the concordance between the original document and the data and images obtained by conversion into electronic format.
  • Saving the obtained data and securely transfer electronically to the client servers, storages, CD/DVD/HDD supports, Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Documentum D2, etc.
  • After the electronic processing, the documents can be arranged for physical archiving in their initial form or can be archive by batch.
  • The delivery shall be accompanied by a quality and quantity acceptance and delivery minutes.

Our professional scanning services include:

  • Converting paper documents into digital images – standard format scanning (A3, A4, A5, letter, Legal, etc)
  • Large or atypical format scanning (engineering drawings, blueprints, circuit drawing, maps, etc)
  • Non-destructive book scanning (lab books, research books, old books, etc)

Depending on the type of service requested by the client we can offer our services:

  • Full onsite processing
  • Combined processing, both at our client’s and our workstation (for example: document scanning onsite and document indexing at our workstation)
  • Full processing at our workstation

You can choose between monthly or annual subscription that can be negotiated depending on the volume and the type of documents processed.

  • The basic package we offer, representing standard processing flow, comprises a quantity of approximately 2,500 processed pages (1 archive box – size 35cm X 30cm X 25cm) per month with an average of three indexes per document, standard format scanning and CD / DVD / HDD delivery.
  • The basic package value is 25 euros per month for 1,000 pages processed (prices excluding VAT)